Asbestos are naturally occurring materials with microscopic fibres which are resistant to heat and most chemical reactions. Individuals who believe they have a history of asbestos exposure should make an appointment with their physician to screen for asbestos-related illnesses. Exposure to asbestos can cause cancer of the lung, larynx and ovary me… Read More

By law, schools are required to take care of, overview and revise a detailed register identifying all asbestos present. In addition, a faculty's asbestos management plan outlines the obligations, procedures, protocols and systems to effectively manage asbestos and minimise associated health risks.Requires all schools to inspect their grounds for an… Read More

Do you or your company work with asbestos? If so, you may be interested to know that Safe Work Australia have announced that new Work Health and Safety Asbestos Regulations will harmonise Australia's licensing, coaching and competency preparations for staff involved in asbestos removing.The Victorian Government asbestos web site, Asbestos in Victor… Read More

WODONGA residents concerned their house might contain loose-fill asbestos are inspired to hunt skilled recommendation.You do see higher incidences in regional areas. If it's a domestic dump, there are only a few domestic suggestions that truly take asbestos in all of Victoria, and for people in rural and distant areas it can be very tough or ve… Read More